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UHF Radio Information

Every X91+ receiver comes with a Satel Internal Transmit / Receive UHF Radio:

Frequency Range 450-470 MHz
Link Rate 9600, 4800 Baud
Channel Spacing 12.5 KHz
Modulation Format Satel
Pacific Crest EOTT
TrimTalk 450S
Transmit Power 1-watt

The range of internal Satel transmitter receiver pair is impressive. You can expect 8+ miles with line-of-sight transmission. In heavy canopy or urban environments, the range typically is 1-mile. We include a 15-foot antenna extension which allows you to move the included whip antenna to the top of a 12-foot prism pole which greatly increases the transmit range.

FCC License Information

A FCC License is required to operate any 400 MHz UHF radio. (See the 'Pirate Surveyors' written by Mark Silver.) It takes quite a while to obtain a license, so if you are considering purchasing a UHF base (a license is not required for Rover 'receive only' systems) consider getting the license application in process ASAP. Here are some detailed [ notes ] on the process.

High Power UHF Repeater

For base / rover applications requiring extended range, we recommend the Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro 35-watt external radio configured as a repeater:

ADL Vantage Pro 35-Watt Repeater Kit    

ADL Vantage Pro Radio (87400-00)
TNC to NMO cable and adapter (PCC8617)
450-470 MHz Unity Gain Antenna (PCC-C02549)
Programming Cable (PCC-A00470)
Repeater Power Cable (A00854)

Total ADL VPro Kit

$ 2,100.00
$ 85.00
$ 98.00
$ 104.00
$ 115.00


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