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UAV Ground Control Kit (1+4)

This UAV Ground Control system is a rugged GNSS (GPS+GLONASS+BeiDou) kit that delivers state-of-the-art positioning features in an ultra-rugged package.

The kit includes five photo identifiable GNSS receivers in one case.

The primary Dual Frequency GNSS X900S-OPUS receiver provides project positioning with long baselines to CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Stations) and can be processed using NGS OPUS-Static, OPUS-RS, OPUS-Projects, other online processing services (see 7 Alternatives to OPUS) or manually using the supplied CGO software.

The 4 X20+ secondary Single Frequency GPS only receivers are post-processed against the primary receiver with the included CGO Office software which produces highly accurate positions for all five receivers.

Additional Single Frequency X20+ receivers can be added as needed to provide ground control over even larger areas.

  How the UAV Ground Control Kit works

Receivers are placed directly on the ground. The bright white antenna tops provide a high contrast photo target. (Black mats may be used for additional contrast if needed.)

After receivers are placed, a single button press turns on the receiver and begins data collection. Three LED's provide feedback for power, number of tracked satellites and data storage. Standard, rechargeable internal batteries provide 6+ hours of data collection.

When the flight is complete, each of the receivers is retrieved and connected to the USB port on a PC (they mount as standard Flash Drives) and the static observations are collected.

Either the included CGO (CHC Geomatics Office) software or an automatic online processing tool (like NGS OPUS) is used to determine the exact location of the primary X900S receiver and 'geodetically ground' the project. Then CGO office is used to process the secondary receivers against the primary receiver providing precise inter-receiver spacing.

Depending on the distance to CORS, the project will typically have a geodtic X,Y,Z placement accuracy of 2 cm. Inter-receiver spacing accuracy of 1 cm is reasonable.

CORS Spacing in the United States is sufficient to insure that 2-hour primary occupations will always converge. Many areas will converge with 20-minute occupations, checkout OUPS-RS Coverage. Secondary X20+ receiver spacing should be less than 4 kilometers.

  What is included in the kit?
The UAV Geodetic Ground Control Kit includes everything you need to provide Ground Control for a huge area:

0505 020 006 UAV Ground Control Kit (1+4) containing:
1192 508 026 X900S-OPUS Triple Frequency GNSS Static Receiver
1620 321 106 X20+ L1 Only GPS Static Receiver
1904 210 571 CGO (CHC Geomatics Office) Post Processing Suite with
0406 000 054 5-Receiver Transport Hard Case
0403 000 038 GPS to PC Data Cable
1905 210 138 External Power Cable
0403 000 044 Tribrach Adaptor
0403 000 043 Metric H.I. Tape (used if Primary X900S is placed on tripod)
0403 000 046 Tribrach w/optical plummet
0505 990 001 Dual Bay Battery Charger w/Power Adapter and cord
0405 000 007 Qty-5 High Quality Lithium Batteries

If you need to cover mega flight areas, additional two packs of X20+ receivers are available:

0505 050 001 X20+ L1 Only GPS Static Receiver Kit (+2)
1620 321 106 X20+ L1 Only GPS Static Receiver
0406 000 009 Carrying Pouch
0403 000 038 GPS to PC Data Cable
0505 990 001 Battery Charger w/Power Adapter and cord
0405 000 007 Qty-2 High Quality Lithium Batteries

Checkout the [ UAV Kit Movie ]
For additional information on the X900S-OPUS receiver [ click here ] [ Brochure ] [ User Manual ]
For additional information on the X20+ Single Frequency receivers [ Brochure ]
For additional information on CGO Office [ click here ] [ Brochure ]

  How much does the UAV Ground Control Kit cost?

This complete kit is reasonably priced! Kits include ground shipping to most USA addresses.

  0505 020 006 UAV Ground Control Kit (1+4)  $9,490

  0505 050 001 X20+ L1 Only GPS Static Receiver Kit (+2)  $3,170


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