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CHC Geomatics Office: CGO Office

March 2 2018

Important CGO Office Note from Mark Silver

Version 2.0 of CGO office is now in Final Release Evaluation!

We are getting daily uploads of CGO office 2.0 and it is looking FANTASTIC! We are very excited about this solution. There will be additional information released soon. We strongly recommend that no further evaluations of CGO version 1 be started.

If you have sample data sets that you would like evaluated, send them to Mark Silver at ms@igage.com and we will get them baseline evaluated. Also let us know if it is okay to use them in training videos and documentation.

#1 Question about CGO 2: "What will be the price?" CGO 2 will be $490.
#2 Question about CGO 2: "If I own CGO 1, can it be upgraded to CGO 2?" A: YES, no charge.

Call Mark directly at 801-412-0011 x16 for additional information.


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