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Training Videos for CHC Products

If you are considering purchasing an X91+ or X900+ receiver in the United States, consider your source!
iGage Mapping Corporation has the best Support, Service and Delivery AND we most likely have the best price on complete kits! Please give us a chance to earn your business.

These videos show how to configure CHC GPS receivers as Base and Rover using SurvCE:

Configuring a X9x rover for use in a NTRIP VRS environment:
  Flash [ X91+ X900+ NTRIP (Network) Rover ] or [ YouTube ]

Configuring a X9x GPS as a UHF base with a Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro UHF Radio:
  Flash [ X91+ X900+ UHF Base with ADL Vantage Pro ] or [ YouTube ]

Configuring a X9x GPS as a UHF rover with the internal CHC UHF radio:
  Flash [ X91+ X900+ UHF Rover ] or [ YouTube ]


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