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CHC Geomatics Office: CGO Office

Links: [ Brochure ]  [ User Manual ]  [ Download ]

CHC Geomatics Office (CGO) software is a desktop application for post-processing GNSS Data. CGO is the most cost-effective and powerful GNSS Post-processing Solution for Survey and Construction.

The CGO Software especially targets a large group of companies which need easy, complete and powerful post-processing software.


CGO provides the capability to make a global network adjustment of the post processed data with various options including, Free Network Adjustment, Constraint Adjustment, High Fitting adjustment. In the Adjustment Configuration, the Adjustment Quality can be predefined before the network adjustment to control the result quality.


CGO software is $490.


CGO software offers 90-day evaluation. (Download evaluation copy below.)

CGO is USB Dongle activated.


Download the complete evaluation package: [ CGO_Office_Installer .exe ] [ CGO_Office_Installer .zip ]
A PDF manual is available with this link [ User Manual ].


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